Wednesday, 29 April 2015 17:56

Breeanna Dickson wins State Singles

Breeanna Dickson wins State Singles to become the youngest ever winner! A fantastic effort. Bree now gets the opportunity to play in the Champ of Champ singles on 28th.
In other great news, our own Ben Johnson & his partner Brandon Whiley win State Pairs final.
Meanwhile Sam Pryor finishes 3rd in State Singles. Simon Dorr def Mark Haines to win the final.
Women’s State Triples, Bree (R Callisto & R McPharlin) win Ladies State Triples.
Meanwhile Sam Pryor & his 4 of John Carter, Scott Quinnell, Jono Voigt, out of State Fours & Luke P & Justin Morris were knocked out of Champ of Champ pairs.   
A great effort by all, and congratulations

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