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Celebrating our "Dad's Army"


Every Monday morning, John Jayne Alex kearslake Eddie Jarmyn Marty Guerin Mathew Phillips Smexcept public holidays, a small group of volunteers turn up at Salisbury Bowling Club to carry out numerous gardening and maintenance tasks. They have been affectionately christened “DADS ARMY” by members of the club.

This group consists mainly of members who have retired Colin Fitzner John Jayne Smfrom work and are in a position to offer some of their time and expertise, to keep up the appearance of the club on a limited budget. These volunteers save the club from paying out on expensive repairs and maintenance. 

Dick Grandison Dave Roberts Sm

Most members would be pleasantly surprised to see the level of activity both inside and outside the club’s premises on Monday mornings, particularly now that the cleaning roster, managed by another volunteer group, is well under way.



Some of the tasks that are performed on a regular basis are:

Tony Whitehorn sm

  • Planting and tending flowerbeds.
  • Watering all the borders and shrubs
  • Mowing the grass and trimming edges outside of the four greens
  • General maintenance of the fences and building, interior and exterior
  • Emptying, cleaning and washing garbage bins.
  • Sorting, counting and returning bottles.


SBC outdoor workers SmThere are also several members who assist Greg with the green preparation on days which are suitable to each volunteer. I have included them in my list.

The current group follows a long list of members who started this volunteer tradition. The clubs sincere thanks go to all the past and present.

The current group is:   

Eddie Jarmyn Sm

 John Jayne : Coordinator  

Max Harnden

Colin Phitzner

Clive Tallboy

Marty Guerin

Dave Roberts

Tony Whitehorn

Mike Whittle

Ray Young

Phil Mathews

Eddie Jarman

Stuart Bridge

Roy Smith

Ray Leeson

Dick Grandison

Peter Tobin

Geoff Nethercott

John Jackson


Article by John Jayne

Photography by Chris Askew

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