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Tweed Heads Breeana Update

Breeanna Dickson's News

BreeanaTweedHedsSmBreanna returned to the Tweed Heads bowls club this week to compete in the Australian Indoor Championships.  She won the first round. In the second round she played Kay Moran, ex Scotland International.  She won the first set 7 - 5 the second set went to Kay Moran 10 - 5, which resulted in a tie break.  In the tie break Breeanna went down by 1 shot 4 - 3 to Kay Moran.  Kay Moran was beaten in the next round by Claire Duke. In the final Claire Duke was beaten by Karen Murphy.

I spoke to Karen Murphy after Breeanna's  game and she said "Breanna played really well and that she could see her one day playing for Australia.

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