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Indoor Bias Bowls 2012 Season

Well another winter season has come to an end culminating with the Nationals Tournament held in Launceston Tasmania end of August. Salisbury had 5 players competing in the State Team and congratulations goes to Maurice Keane who was part of SA Men’s 4s who took out Gold and also Paul Cruise who was part of SA other Men’s 4s who took out Silver. Overall SA competed quite well, look forward to next year. The others to make the grade were Rocco Ursida, Brenda Jones and Val Rossi. A lot of experience was had.

Salisbury has also done well in the Men’s Assoc. Comp. held every Monday during Winter, with Red Team skippered by Brian Frost, aided by Doug Slack, Rocco Ursida, and Brian Roberts taking out the Pennant 2 years in a row!!! They also had the honour of taking out the colour Play off. Well done guys!!! Congrats go to the Yellow team also, The Yellow Team skippered by Ian Byerley and aided by Hans Schoppe, Graeme Brodie and Ron Mitchell, also took out the Pennant. Well done again guys!!!! (A little birdie told me though, you were beaten by the Ladies in the Lamb Chop, Correct???)

Unfortunately, after a very good start to the season, our Wednesday Night Pennant Team fell into a bit of a hole in the latter half of the season, but some promising signs for next year. A special thanks to the team, for an overall good performance. Salisbury players also represented the club well, both in the Regional’s (which were held at St. Jays) and also the State Championships which were held throughout the Winter Months. We can’t close without a mention for our Super League held Thursday nights, a lot of camaraderie and support. Special thanks to Ian Byerley for the hard work, also the 2 Tournaments he conducted. Congrats also to all the winners of the club championships and it all stands well for the future. Val Rossi

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