Report on Division 2 Grand Final

SNAP, CRACKLE AND POP!! ALL OVER RED ROVER!! It really doesn’t matter what expression you use it was an impressive display to win another grand final.

While the Modbury team had their motivational talk, in the middle of the green, prior to the start, this team casually stayed in their rinks, beer in hand, (the last part is not true) patiently waiting to start the game.

The footy players do it, the basketballers and netballers do it, the sports phycologists say a huddle is the right thing to do to motivate the players, this second division side doesn’t do it! Several players believe it is a load of crap and demotivates them. The only time the side has had a team huddle this year, was to show respect to Colin Pfitzner, who had sadly passed away that week.

Shaun Sayers’ rink started the demolition with a four on the first end, followed by 5 more shots on the next three ends to be nine shots up. After 395 ends, Shardy’s rink finally allowed him to play a weighted shot on the last end of the day, which he played successfully to score a three and complete the demolition of a shell shocked Modbury side.

A forty-four shot win, with all four rinks up, was a fitting end to the season. It was also pleasing to note that all sixteen players had good games. On the second last end, Shaun’s rink dropped a six, for the first time all season, but by that time it didn’t matter. After ten ends the team was fourteen shots up and the numbers only grew during the game.

Modbury did well to reach the final and maybe played its final last Sunday when it beat 2nd placed Adelaide, at Adelaide, by four shots, and more importantly, gained promotion to Division One next season. This was after beating 3rd placed Noarlunga, at Salisbury, the day before. It was always going to be an uphill battle should Salisbury bring it’s “A” game as Salisbury finished the “home and away” season 148 shots and 39 points better than Modbury. Whilst the shot margin was significant, there was still plenty of competitive bowls played.

To all the participating players I say enjoy the moment as the experience of being part of, a compatible, successful team, is often rare. Have a safe and enjoyable break and who knows what is in store for next season.


Gerry Phillips