Greetings Salisbury bowlers – Season 2022-23 is almost upon us. Understandably, as players, we are all looking forward to “going around again”, and to that end we need all selectors to be in place prior to the commencement of the season. It is therefore my pleasure, on behalf of the board of the S.B.C, to announce the following selectors.

Ladies Pennants  (Thursday)      

1st. Side: Barbara Cowburn

2nd. Side: Shirley Kaye

Chairman/Chairperson of selectors to be named.

Saturday Pennants                                                                            Wednesday Pennants


1st. Side: Tim Miller & Phil Sanders                                            1st. Side: Eric Datson & Rocco Ursida

2nd. Side: Ian Greenshields                                                          2nd. Side: Phil Errington

3rd. Side: Scott Gavan                                                                    3rd. Side: Owen Smith & George Wright

4th. Side: John Howard

5th. Side: Owen Smith

6th. Side: Greg Nolan


We congratulate these people & wish them happy bowling for the coming season. All bowlers are urged to place their names on the “Intention to play Pennants” sheets which are on the notice boards. This will assist the club in ascertaining numbers for sides registrations.

Lindsay Scaife – Vice President