Report on Division 2 First Final

WOW!!! What a way to win your way into a grand final and secure promotion for the third year running!

On a magnificent 16 second green, from mid game, the side had about a 10 shot buffer until the last few ends.

Ross McConnell steered his rink to a comfortable 12 shot victory and finished several ends before the other rinks. Coming into the final ends Salisbury was in trouble on all the remaining rinks and looked like being overrun.

Firstly Shardy, two or three shots down, drew on the open hand to get the number one shot.

On Shaun’s rink the kitty had been ditched, by the opposing second, and a handful of shots after that also followed the kitty into the ditch.  Three down, Shaun drew a fantastic bowl within half a metre of the ditch to get shot. Already that is an 8 shot difference!

Finally, not to be outdone, Matty Hull on the final end, five shots down, all within a metre of the jack, with a tempting weighted shot in the offering, listened to his experienced third Datto, drew on the more difficult open hand and reduced the count to two! On a fast green a shortish end, it was a magnificent, and as it turned out, a match winning bowl.

Whatever happens next week this team has had a fantastically successful season. While individuals have shone at various times and there is an obvious array of talent within the side, it has been a team effort that is the standout feature of this group. They are already minor premiership winners and have earned a promotion, a Grand Final flag would be a fitting end to the season.

Gerry Phillips