Our new synthetic green (D Green) is now in regular use and it is likely that most members will have had the opportunity to try it out.  Feedback about the facility from members and visitors has been very positive.  Those bowlers who were fortunate enough to play during recent storms would have appreciated the all-weather cover that kept both players and the green dry.

It is timely to remind bowlers (members and visitors) that our synthetic and grass greens are valuable club assets that need to be protected from damage.

Dumping and Dropping of Bowls

Dumping or dropping of bowls will result in damage to the greens by denting the compacted material immediately below the green surface.  Bowlers who drop bowls from above 30cm (1 foot) when delivering their bowls (dumping) will be encouraged to use a bowler’s arm.  Dropping bowls on the surfaces is also a concern. This applies to all bowlers, not just “dumpers”.  Dropping bowls onto the greens when standing on the banks at the start of a game is not permitted.  Similarly, placing a bowl onto the green after being put on a bank must be done with care to avoid dropping the bowl.

Accordingly, the Club’s Board of Management has decided that DUMPING OR DROPPING OF BOWLS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED ON “D” GREEN.  Dumping of bowls on the new surface will PERMANENTLY damage the surface by indenting the sub-surface. Repairs will require a complete re-lay of the carpet and underfelt…both expensive and disruptive.  To avoid damage, bowlers need to deliver the bowl correctly. The bowl must be rolled and not dropped from a height.  Whilst damage may not appear noticeable on grass, it does occur and requires constant attention by our green-keeping staff to repair it.

Members who believe they are dumping can approach a member of the committee or a coach to discuss how we can work together to remedy the situation.  Members who have been identified as dumping may be approached by committee members or coaches to find a solution

A visiting bowler identified as dumping will be advised of our concerns and given an opportunity to rectify the issue.  Failure to cease dumping may result in the bowler being denied access to Club greens.

We value our members and we don’t wish to unfairly treat bowlers.  We simply wish to protect our greens for the benefit of all bowlers.

Strategies to deal with dumping include:

  • Changing techniques
  • Seek coaching
  • Have your technique captured on video and review technique options
  • Use a bowler’s stick to assist getting lower in your delivery
  • Use a Bowling Arm

Bowls SA has established a Damage to Greens Policy that can be viewed here.

In addition to the above, the use of our facilities is governed by the following rules: –


Only bowls approved shoes can be worn on the greens. This will be strictly enforced.


Damage to synthetic greens can result from discarded cigarette butts or airborne embers scorching the surfaces.  Smoking anywhere on the Club grounds is prohibited except within the designated smoking areas.


NO GRIP PRODUCTS on the bowls – All Grippo/Betts like products must be polished off bowls before playing on “D” Green.  These products collect dust/debris that mark the carpet and the stains are very difficult to remove.  There is a bowls polisher in the clubroom for use…and it only costs 20 cents to polish all 4 bowls.


Please note that the consumption of any food and drink is not permitted on “D” Green.


Waste chewing gum has the potential to create significant damage to our synthetic greens.  Carelessly discarded chewing gum is a nuisance and is easily tracked on to our greens (and into your car and then into your house).  Please dispose of waste chewing gum responsibly by placing it in rubbish bins provided.