MBA Saturday Pennant Grand Finals

April 6th, 2019

Our 2nd side (Salisbury Red, Division 4 North) took on Para Hills at Lockleys.  The final score was 104-56 – a convincing win for Salisbury.  The team had a fantastic season with only one loss.

2019 Division 4 North Grand Final Winners – Salisbury Red vs Para Hills at Lockleys, April 6th, 2019
L-R, Rear: Lindsay Scaife, Shaun Sayers, Matt Poyner, Roger Ward, Brian Roberts, Jim Annandale
Middle: Eric Datson, Ray Oborn, Geoff Nethercott, Ian Greenshields, David Knowles, Mark Shard, Dwayne Anderson, Gerry Phillips
Front: Rocco Ursida, Tim Miller

Our 4th side (Salisbury Red, Division 5 North) was up against local rival Playford Red at Semaphore.  Playford got out of the blocks very quickly and soon had a healthy lead…they were 20 up on the 13th end.  Just when things were looking very grim for us, all Salisbury rinks dug deep and we clawed our way back.  Around the 18th end, we were level pegging.  Buoyed by the comeback, Salisbury went on to win by 9 shots.  The final score was 82-73.

2019 Division 5 North Grand Final Winners – Salisbury Red vs Playford Red at Semaphore, April 6th, 2019
L-R Rear: Harry Kaye, Mike Sheehan, Brian Cowburn (Selector), Peter Monck, Hans Schoppe, Ken Hughes, John Stuchbury, Ross Duldig, Leslie Farmer
Front: Frank Brouwers, Bryan Bell, Josette Hemlin, Ann Sheehan, Dawn Johansen, Max Golding, Kevin Williams, Ian Byerley

Congratulations to all players…not only to those who played on the day but also to those players who contributed to the teams’ success during the season.

Well Done Salisbury!